A high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of surface treatment technology and equipment

corporate culture concept

Corporate Culture

Company training: born in hardship, died of ease

Enterprise goal: to be a strong player in sand blasting machine industry

Enterprise style: fair, just, honest and pragmatic

Enterprise management philosophy: innovation is endless and always pursues better; People oriented, quality first

Enterprise core spirit: do what others can't easily do

Baitong people's belief: ideal is above all else

Baitong people's Morality: diligence, dedication, unity and innovation

Corporate Code of Conduct

The interests of the enterprise are above all else, and the personal interests of shareholders, managers and employees must be subordinate to the interests of the enterprise;

Baitong serves shareholders, employees, customers and society;

Managing benefits and reducing costs is endless;

Enterprises must constantly change. Only change is constant.

Corporate Code of Conduct
Human Resources Guidelines

HR Guidelines

Giving and receiving are corresponding, rights and responsibilities are equal, and efforts are accompanied by opportunities;

The enterprise will always be with every employee who strives to make progress;

The enterprise provides opportunities for the development of employees, and employees contribute to the development of the enterprise;

Grass roots employees should have a sense of responsibility, middle-level employees should have a sense of self-improvement, and senior employees should have a sense of career;

The enterprise is responsible for the employees and the employees are loyal to the enterprise;

Trust is the premise of efficiency; Strengthen supervision, which is the guarantee of trust;

Respect talents, but do not accommodate them.

Employee Code of Conduct

I am Baitong. Every employee's words and deeds represent the image of Baitong;

Simplify interpersonal relationship, be a simple man and do things in a down-to-earth manner;

Do your job well without looking at anyone's face;

Advocate professional spirit and stick to professional ethics;

Not only books, not only on, only realistic, adhere to seeking truth from facts;

No pains, no gains, intelligence can never replace effort;

Employees who pursue returns all day often get nothing;

Less complaining, more understanding; Less misunderstanding and more communication;

Recognizing mistakes is the beginning of correcting mistakes, and facing yourself is the beginning of improving yourself.

Employee Code of Conduct
Working guidelines

Code of Work

There is a system to implement the system, there is no system to establish the system, and constantly improve the system in practice;

Treat things rationally instead of people, and emotional factors should never affect the handling of things;

What you say doesn't count, what you do doesn't count, and what you do well counts;

Subordinates obey their superiors, implement first, and then put forward different opinions; Rights represent responsibility, and leaders must be responsible for the consequences of mistakes;

Only by doing small things well can we achieve great things;

Only good motivation can lead to good results;

Safety is in the heart, Baitong cares about you;