CNC sandblasting machine processing large metal workpieces, the effect is better!

The effect of CNC sandblasting machine or CNC shot blasting machine is better than ordinary sandblasting machine. CNC sandblasting machine can flexibly adapt to workpieces of various sizes and shapes, and has a wider range of applications. At the same time, it can be easily and freely Clean up large and complex workpieces. The mechanical arm directs the nozzle to align the hidden and complex corners of the workpiece to clean up the blind areas and dead corners. The constantly swinging nozzle further speeds up the cleaning process. The robot can either manually control and strengthen a single workpiece, or it can strengthen a series of workpieces fully automatically. The robot can use pellets of any size and shape according to different workpiece surface requirements. Robot programming is carried out by the operator controlling the joystick, and the sandblasting and cleaning of similar workpieces can be automatically completed through the programmed program in the future.
The CNC sandblasting machine is more environmentally friendly. It does not need to manually operate the nozzles, and there is no physical harm to the employees. The employees only need to control the program. The spiral separator and shot peening time are all automatically controlled.
But pay attention to the following details during the operation:
1. When processing the sandblasting surface, the sandblasting machine should be as close to the work as possible to reduce the pipeline length and pressure loss, and reduce the probability of pipeline wear.
2. In order to better reduce the number of shifts, prevent empty discharge or leakage of spray, improve abrasive operation rate and work efficiency, comprehensive consideration should be made before construction, reasonable placement of spray positions, and spray routes.
3. The hose force sandblasting surface processing requires the reduction of pressure loss and concentrated wear of the hose by abrasives. For the places that must be bent during construction, it is necessary to frequently adjust the standard for the purpose of uniform wear and delay the service life of the hose.  
4. When processing the sandblasting surface, adjust the material gas due to air pressure, nozzle diameter, processing quality, structure surface corrosion state, efficiency, etc.
5. It is necessary to grasp the nozzle moving speed flexibly for air pressure, sand output and structural surface pollution environment.
6. Before processing the sandblasting surface, if it is found that the surface of the base metal is contaminated or rusted back, it must be processed from the beginning. 
7. After processing and inspection, the sandblasting surface is processed and sprayed as soon as possible, the shorter the interval, the better. Under damp or industrial atmospheric conditions, the painting must be completed within 4 hours, and the longest distance should not exceed 12 hours on a good day or when the temperature is not high.
8. After the sandblasting surface is processed, use dry, oil-free compressed air to cut the floating dust and debris, and the cleaned surface must not be touched by hand.