Operation and use of sandblasting machine for pipe inner wall

Previously we introduced the structure and working principle of the pipe inner wall sandblasting machine system, and then introduced the operation and use of the pipe inner wall sandblasting machine.
    The operation of the sandblasting machine on the inner wall of the pipe is divided into four steps. When performing sandblasting operations, a series of inspections must be carried out on the mechanism in the sandblasting box. If some damage is found, including the wear of the sandblasting pipe and the sandblasting rod, it should be disassembled and repaired immediately. At this time, the sandblasting machine cannot be put into use. The operator should also deal with the electromagnetic proximity switch of each limit, and replace it immediately if it is damaged. Start the air compressor unit to keep the air dry. Close the switches in the power cabinet and the circuit breaker in the electric control cabinet. For some power switches on the panel of the operation cabinet, adjust to the corresponding position. When the pressure of the compressed air is around 0.6MPa, open the ball valves and gate valves of each gas path. Secondly, specific operations must be carried out. Press the "Front door up" button on the operating cabinet panel to open the sandblasting box door, and then open the "filling tube" on the operating cabinet panel to raise the flip-in board, and then The civilian pipeline pushes the flip-in plate in the spray box horizontally. Close the “filling tube”. After putting down the flip-in plate, the pipe will fall on the tube wheel at the corresponding working position and rotate in the positive direction. After that, press the "front door down" switch to close the front door of the sandblasting box. By pressing the buttons on the operation panel of the "spray gun forward" and "sand blasting start", the sandblasting flatbed truck drives the spray gun to move forward slowly. When it starts to move forward or backward, it will spray, and after another second, it will Sandblasting. When the speed of the sandblasted flatbed has reached the speed limit sensor, the speed will be faster. When reaching the speed limit sensor at 2 places, it will change to the original speed again. When the sandblasted flatbed reaches the forefront of the sandblasting process, it will automatically retreat. Until it retreats to the starting stop position, then the retreat and the rotation of the workpiece are automatically stopped. In the operation of adding abrasive, when the abrasive in the blasting tank is in the lower limit state, the system will predict the shortage of material and act as a reminder. When the pressure in the sand tank is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the "pressure of the sand tank is zero" indicator light will turn on. The indicator light of “sand preparation” will be on, and then the sanding will be delayed. Open the "Add Abrasive" on the operation cabinet panel to start adding abrasives. Until the "sandblasting machine is full" indicator light is on, the pneumatic feeding valve will automatically feed. Afterwards, sandblasting will be carried out. The final step is to stop, return the buttons to their original positions in a certain order, and then turn off the air compressor unit to exhaust the compressed air in the air storage tank.
    The main purpose of sandblasting is to compress air, which converts the air into power to form a high-speed jet beam, and then the abrasive is jetted to the parts that need to be treated at a high speed. Make the processed parts change, the sand has a certain impact and cutting effect on the surface of the workpiece, which can make the surface of the workpiece achieve the purpose of cleaning. The performance will also change accordingly, improving the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, making the adhesion between the coating and the coating larger, and the durability of the coating film also becoming higher.