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Product Description

Product description:
Painting is an important link in the surface manufacturing process of construction machinery products. The quality of anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating is one of the important aspects of overall product quality. The appearance quality of a product not only reflects the protective and decorative performance of the product, but also constitutes an important factor in the value of the product. The painting equipment is a vital part of the entire painting process. The main equipment for painting is divided into surface pretreatment equipment before painting, painting equipment, coating film drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

Application scope:
1. Automobile and machinery equipment coating equipment
2. Coating equipment for mobile phone shell and electrical appliance shell
3. Coating equipment for wooden furniture, handicrafts, floors and wall panels
4. Coating equipment for steel furniture and iron crafts
5. General coating industry equipment

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