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Strong rust CNC peening machine,CNC peening machine


CNC peening machine


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Belden mechanical production of NC shot peening machine, sandBlasting Machine can be flexible to adapt to a variety of shapes and sizes of the workpiece, it can easily clean large complex parts. The arm guides the nozzle at the corner of the workpiece to conceal the complex corners and can clean up the blind spots and dead ends, and the oscillating nozzles continue to speed up the cleaning process. The robot can either manually control the reinforcement of a single workpiece, or it can automatically strengthen the series of workpieces. The robot can use any size and shape of the pill according to the requirements of different workpiece surfaces. Robot programming through the operator control joystick, similar to the workpiece after the sandblasting cleaning can be done through a good program automatically.

This machine is used for engine blade and leaf root surface shot peening shot peening, the workers only carry out the operation of loading and unloading parts, the rest completely by the machine automatically. In the automatic working state, the working turntable, spray gun, shot peening flow, hoist, shaker, spiral sorting, shot peening time are automatically controlled.
Note: As the products are customized according to customer requirements, can produce different sizes of the size of the machine, so the price is only about a price, please Want Want or call us!

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