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Product description:
The CNC shot blasting machine and sandblasting machine produced by Belden Machinery can flexibly adapt to workpieces of various sizes and shapes, and it can easily clean large and complex workpieces. The mechanical arm directs the nozzle to align the hidden and complex corners of the workpiece to clean up the blind areas and dead corners. The constantly swinging nozzle further speeds up the cleaning process. The robot can either manually control and strengthen a single workpiece, or it can strengthen a series of workpieces fully automatically. The robot can use pellets of any size and shape according to different workpiece surface requirements. Robot programming is carried out by the operator controlling the joystick, and the sandblasting and cleaning of similar workpieces can be automatically completed through the programmed program in the future.

When this machine is used for shot peening on the surface of engine blades and blade body roots, workers only carry out the operation of loading and unloading parts, and the rest is done automatically by the machine. In the automatic working state, the work turntable, spray gun, shot peening flow rate, elevator, vibrating screen, spiral separator, and shot peening time are all automatically controlled.


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