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CNC abrasive Blasting Machine


Blasting Machine


Product Description

Product description:
Baitong machinery production of CNC peening machine, sand Blasting Machine, automatic sandBlasting Machine can flexibly adapt to the size and shape of the workpiece, it can clean large and complex workpieces with ease. Arm guide nozzle artifacts hidden corner of the complex can clean up gaps and dead ends, oscillating nozzle to further speed up the cleanup process. Robots can be controlled manually intensive individual artifacts, can be fully automated to strengthen family artifacts. Robots can be based on different surfaces require the use of any size and shape ofthe pill. Robot programming by operator control lever, similar workpiece sandblasting can be done automatically through their program.
This machine is used for turbine blades and blade roots surface peening PEEN when workers only for loading and unloading parts operation, the rest completely automatically by a machine. In automatic working condition, working turntable, spray gun, shot 

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