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Turntable Trolley Sandblasting Machine

Designed for big sized products, loading and unloading of products will be easy with turntable equipped with trolley.


Blasting Machine


Product Description

  • Suitable products: Picture tube glass shell for TV.
  • Designed to have automatic mode and manual mode, in automatic mode, certain working cycle can be set and done, while in manual mode, operator can adjust and process products seperately.
  • Equipped with 5 sandblasting guns - 3 horizonal swing guns, 1 vertical swing gun and 1 manual gun.Horizonal guns can process upper surface of products, vertical gun can process all sides of products, while the manual gun can supply the automatic process.
  • Air gun inside the sandblasting chamber keeps the mold and turntable clean after sandblasting process.
  • Cyclone seperator and dust filter are used to ensure high dust removal efficiency. 


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